Bose SoundLink Review – Best Speaker System For Mobile Use

Being dubbed by quite a few number of tech bloggers as a groundbreaking product by Bose, writing a Bose SoundLink Review could be a daunting task. Praised for its easy use and great design, this new gadget deserves to have a good review worth its reputation.

This review will basically concentrate on featuring the overall performance and the general aesthetic appearance of the wireless speaker system. Although on the pricey side, bose trade in program, which is a company that were previously used to making port speaker systems, now ventured into wireless technologies that conveniently allows users to stream audio from their smartphones or tablets. Just by holding down the Bluetooth button on top of the speaker, it quickly connects to one’s smartphone or tablet PC and asks for the initiation of a Bluetooth pairing procedure. Once allowed, it will only take a few seconds for one to finally play music wirelessly.

Aside from the easy connection to one’s smartphone or tablet PC, this Bose SoundLink Review will also discuss its physical features. Taking notes from the aesthetics of Apple products, Bose features in this product an elegant and clean design, while maintaining a rugged appearance. The speaker also comes in two different styles with two different prices. One design features a black, plastic finish with a gray nylon cover, while the other boasts a silver brushed metal trim with a dark brown leather cover. The former fetches around $300 while the latter is more expensive with a selling price of 350.

Also, the SoundLink gives quality sound despite its small size. No distortions can be heard from this speaker system. Although this gadget may look small and appear to be fragile, the Bose SoundLink actually is built for the outdoors. Also catering to adventurous mobile users, this speaker system underwent a drop-testing and salt-air fog simulation to make it a speaker that can withstand, to some extent, the elements. This speaker runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery which has a life span of about 3 to 4 hours at high volume in between charges. Understanding the needs of many, the SoundLink does not do away with basic technology as it sports the standard 3.5mm audio input for connecting via cable phones or other devices that do not have Bluetooth capabilities.

This Bose SoundLink Review concludes that despite its relatively high price, one can still get his or her value for money with this speaker system. It is one of the best speakers for mobile users out there.



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