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Belizeans are known around the world for their hospitality. From tourists to people who want to live in Belize, everyone is welcomed with a pure and open heart. Moving to a country like Belize is everyone’s fantasy. Belize property laws are applicable to those who wish to own land in Belize. Homeowners Associations are coming forward in Belize City Planning takes your fantasy to a new level. Who doesn’t want to live in an organized community where their needs are just around the corner? Belize Homeowners Association Topics

Property Owner Associations (POAs) make these planned communities in Belize unique. This association is created for the sole purpose of enabling its owners to manage community affairs in an orderly manner. In planned communities in Belize, people share many things such as:

Recreational equipment

· Water and electricity installation

City beautification and community care

In order to have a common goal for all these issues, the Property Owners Association (POA) has been formed in Belize’s planned communities.

Homeowners of Belize

Belize Property Developers create a Community Association Limited and once the development is completed, management is transferred to the owners. · The role of the POA is to manage all development areas and ensure that the established bylaws are followed by all owners.

● The association determines the amount that all owners must pay for the maintenance of common areas in the village. Take advantage of the rich benefits of a POA in Belize’s host country

· The community is managed by a group of consumers who consider it as the best value. This means that your neighbor cannot change the surroundings of his property in a way that will have a negative impact on your property. Each homeowner in the association follows established rules for exterior paint colors, paint types, and landscaping standards to maintain good community building standards.

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In a homeowner’s association, a sense of community is developed. Neighbors share his property and so they love to see him grow. Community influence is developed through POA. Municipal fees collected from property owners help maintain municipal infrastructure. Everyone wants their money to be used in the best possible way. Funds are used to maintain all of the amenities in the community such as the pool, volleyball court, community boat and boat launch. This gives the owners access to a variety of amenities that they would otherwise not be able to afford. · POA funds are also used to pay for common land maintenance. The purpose of the POA is to convince the community owners that their money will be used to maintain the community’s infrastructure in the best possible way. Community cohesion is maintained through the POA. A sense of unity is brought forth that grows the community. Owner’s Associations are really big in Belize. Organized communities in Belize have made life easier for homeowners through the inclusion of homeownership.

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