Put More Money in Your Magic Wallet With These Cost Busters!

When you start noticing that your magic wallet seems to have lost its magic, er, contents faster than usual, blame the recession, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, job cuts, and even your Joneses neighbor for keeping such high standards for you to keep up with. But that’s counterproductive!

Instead, you need to look into your own spending habits and lifestyle patterns to keep as much money as possible sticking to your magic wallet. Here then are practical cost busters that you can follow to save more money. At least, you can thank the recession for imparting thrifty ways!

Cut Back On Spending

Cutting back on spending is so obvious it is almost embarrassing to say it here. Still, it is an idea that can be difficult to take root in a mind accustomed to plenty in the land of milk and honey. Now is the time to spend less than you earn and stop living beyond your wildest dreams, even when you fancy your magic wallet to be truly magical.

There are, however, little things that can put more money into your magic wallet than you ever thought possible:

* Opt for tap water instead of bottled water
* Brew your own coffee instead of going to one of the popular caf’s
* Discard extended warranties since the products already have one-year basic warranties
* Eat the more affordable conventional produce instead of the organic ones – the difference in risk and benefits are negligible while the prices are not
* Choose more affordable utility services like the Internet and cable services, including VoIP
* Listen to free music and read free magazines – the Internet is full of options to feed your mind and soul

Stay Healthy

Just imagine the savings you will accumulate when you stay healthy the whole year round! Of course, some illnesses cannot be prevented but for those that can be, do everything you can to do so.

Stop smoking because the risks for common respiratory diseases like colds and cough, not to mention other diseases like mouth sores, increase with each huff and puff you take. Stop drinking alcohol because not only does it cost money to buy drinks for the whole gang but it also will cost your liver irreversible damage. Double whammy!

And you need not even spend on gym membership to get your exercise. You can save as much as $250 when you cancel your membership and substitute brisk walking, jogging, furniture-lifting and doing household chores as exercises instead.

Stay Married

For many reasons, staying married is cheaper than being single. For one thing, divorces nowadays are very expensive especially when lawyer fees, alimonies, and child support are considered. Besides, starting a new life can cost you – new house, new furniture, and new worries over money matters!

For another thing, sharing the cost of living – rent or mortgage, food and clothing, utilities and the little luxuries in life – is easier on two incomes in one magic wallet. Besides, with today’s gloomy economy, living life as a single parent can be tough.

However, this is not to say that you should stay within an abusive marriage, far from it. Your emotional happiness and physical safety are still more important than the contents your magic wallet.

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